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Degreasing detergent

Heavy-duty degreasing detergent

For the removal of oil stains from dies, plastic moldings, and die parts.


  • E.O Cleaner has high volatility
  • E.O Cleaner washes off mold release agents and oil stains without affecting most plastic bases.
  • E.O Cleaner easily washes off grease, wax, cutting oil, and fats and oils adhering to dies and die parts.
  • Unlike alcohols, E.O Cleaner will not affect polycarbonate resins.
  • Unlike normal hexane, E.O Cleaner will not dissolve the base of ABS moldings.
  • E.O Cleaner is safer and less toxic than normal hexane (permissible exposure level: 50 ppm; flash point: -27°C℃).
  • Unlike normal hexane, E.O Cleaner will not make cracks in the base of styrol moldings (with the normal wiping time).
    * The above data differs according to the conditions for use
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